About Pyrovision

“Where Experience and Design Count”

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Pyrovision Ltd was founded in 1994; the directors have over 60 years combined experience in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Industry having worked on displays both large and small across the UK. Some of these have been in unusual and very challenging locations, often on sites or at venues of National and Historical importance. Attention to detail, safety, careful planning and thoughtful design is essential on every display no matter the scale or occasion.

Individually Designed

Pyrovision are a professional fireworks and pyrotechnics display company committed to operating to the highest standards.

All displays are designed individually to take into account the venue, size and type of audience and any special requests from the client, above all, to create a truly memorable display, be it large or small.

As well as staging displays across the UK, Pyrovision have staged displays in many overseas locations including, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Some of these displays have been to take part, by invitation in International Competitions or Festivals such as Canada, China, Japan and Monaco where we were delighted to be winners of the ‘Concours International’ competition.

Fireworks Importers

Pyrovision also directly import a wide range of professional fireworks, many of which are manufactured to unique designs. Over the past decade Pyrovision has established a close working relationship with the Chinese manufacturers resulting in a high quality product.

Highest Safety Standards

Pyrovision are committed to providing not only the highest possible standards in display design and material content but also to providing experienced and trained crew and technicians.

Pyrovision are full members of the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA). This is the trade organisation for Professional Firework Display companies in the UK. Membership of the BPA means that companies must fully comply with the BPA Code of Practice. The BPA exists to promote the safe use of display Fireworks by Professionals in the UK.

The BPA runs the BPA Firework Firers scheme which provides training to Professional Companies. This scheme is the only Firers training regime recognised under the 2010 Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) regulations.

The great majority of Pyrovision’s Firers have achieved Level 1 and Level 2 standards following training courses and the relevant examinations. We also have staff members who have attended the Trainers Instructors course which means that we can run our courses not only for our own Firers but those from other companies.

We also have Pyrotechnician’s who are very experienced in Stage, Arena and Stadium effects as well as other forms of Special Effects.

Pyrovision also have qualified drivers who hold ADR licences, a license which allows the driver to operate a suitable vehicle to carry dangerous goods, in our case explosives. Naturally our vehicles are fully insured for the carriage of the relevant dangerous goods. We also have a Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGA) as required by law.

Full annual insurance is also carried with cover for Product, Public and Employers Liability of £10 million.

As a matter of routine full Risk Assessments are carried out for all our displays with copies provided to interested parties as required.

Pyrovision also have a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy which is reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in legislation.